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The American School Bus. A true Icon. It’s big, and it’s Yellow. And we love it!

Known as 'Skoolies' by every school kid across America, these offer plenty of space and classic looks to provide the best glamping experience in the UK!

Our bus is the Iconic "Dog-Nose' type Split-Screen Bus - the most stylish of all.

We'd love you to come and have some fun in a genuine American School Bus at Petruth Paddocks!

Our converted american bus offers wonderful glamping holidays with the perfect mix of exceptional comfort and iconic style, lots of fun, and of course they are a bit bonkers...

This is why most Glamping Buses Are Great...

They (mostly!) offer decent sized cozy accommodation with room to sleep, eat and relax inside. ​

...and this is why Our American School Bus is Better!

Well - there are buses, and there are BUSES! Ours is full size - it had room for seventy school-kids, so it offers plenty of lovely accommodation space.

Our American School Bus was converted with love and passion providing a fabulous and magical fun experience for all who stay. It's been transformed with thought and style for luxury high-end glamping for couples, families and friends.

Great For Kids...

We were all kids once. Twice in my case. Ongoing, actually, but anyway - remember when you were a kid? Given the choice, if you were able to choose to holiday in a tent, a hut or a big yellow bus, what would you have chosen? Exactly - and our fabulous American School Bus appeals to children of all ages. Families will enjoy a fantastic and fun experience, memories will be made, pictures shared, friends told.

Still unsure? Show our Bus pictures to the kids - they’ll soon tell you…

...and Great For Big Kids!

Warm, comfy, funky. All you need for a great stay. Cook up a storm, mix a Mojito, enjoy a chilled Brewdog or Vouvray, BBQ like a legend, glam right up, dress for the beach, sleep like a sleepy thing. Do what you like, how you like, when you like. Do it to Neil Diamond, Neil Young, some chilled Hotel Costes or even the Benny Hill theme - we won’t judge*

*We probably will, actually...

I Love My Gadgets And Stuff - Are There Chargy-places On Board?

Yup. You can charge your iThis, iThat & iStuff at the many power points.

What Are The Cooking Facilities?

​We love food - we don’t eat anything else - so lets not McMess about. You’ll find a proper oven, grill, burners, BBQ, and all the stuff to play at being Gordon, Gino or even Fred.

What's The Story Regarding the Bathroom and toilet? Are they a bit Oo-er?

No, they’re lovely! Scrub up in a proper shower with real hot water and the throne is simply majestic!

Is The Bus Cool Or Warm?

Oh yeah it's really cool - just look at it! In warm months you can keep the bus from getting too warm inside during the day - the rear door and loads of windows open each side for a cool breeze. In cooler months it's warm as toast - the bus has underfloor heating and is fully-insulated with three bags full of real baa-baa’s wool, and you can even light the eco-log-burning stove to ramp up the cosy stakes when you want the added warmth and ambience of a real fire. Cushty…


There are steps up into the school bus. The upper bunk bed has to be climbed into. If you are concerned about accessibility please get in touch.

Are Dogs Allowed?

​No. Nor Goats, especially gruff ones called Billy.
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