Petruth PaddocksPetruth Paddocks
Petruth Life

So, what’s Petruth life all about?

Petruth Paddocks is a place where anyone can rock up and feel right at home. From the couple in their expensive new motor home to a bunch of young lads in a £29.99 tent from Aldi. From Mum, Dad and a couple of kids to a big group of family and friends and everyone in between.

A live-and-let-live place where there are refreshingly few rules, kids can be kids, campfires are encouraged, music and bad singing are not a problem and people feel free to wander round making new friends.

That’s what we mean by free range camping – and we love it
There are so many rules and regulations these days that kids have a really hard time just being kids.

Petruth Paddocks is a PC-free zone – they can run and shout, climb trees and hide in the hedges, take a ride on the back of the quad bike with Jules, get covered in dirt, make new friends and even scrape their knees.

All we ask is that you respect others and use your noddle when it comes to common sense.

Enjoying lunch with family!

How did Petruth Life come about?

Petruth Paddocks was named after Jules’s parents - Peter and Ruth and we opened the livery yard you can see as you enter the gate in early 2001.

Some of you may well have stayed at Church Farm many years ago – well it was Roger Durston (who used to own Church farm) who suggested that our field would be ideal location for people to stay and in 2003 we welcomed our first guests.

Since then Petruth Paddocks has become the alternative venue for those seeking freedom from unnecessary regulations – a place where you, your friends and family can enjoy whatever outdoor life means to you – whatever your age, whoever you are, we do our best to make sure your neighbours are on the same page as you – why not say hello and understand what outdoor life means to them?

You’re here to enjoy yourselves so If that’s not happening for any reason we want to know about it whilst we can fix it so call us on 01934 257055 - we’re here to take care of these things 24/7.

What’s the future hold?

Our focus has been on getting the boring but vital stuff in place – power/water/waste then great toilets/showers & pot-wash. That’s largely done now so we’re looking for ways to improve the Paddocks without losing the “festival feel” of the place. We’d love to hear your ideas on stuff we could do to make it even better so please invite us over for a beer whilst you’re here!

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