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Bus FAQs


What Are The Sleeping Arrangements On An American School Bus?

Do as you like and have fun - we won't judge! You'll find a really comfy king-sized bed, two proper size bunk beds and a double sofabed with all the duvets and pillows and sheets and towels and stuff. Relax. It's all sorted.

How Much Room Is There?

Plenty to relax in, sleep in, play in, chill in, cook in. Enough to swing a cat, but don't.

I get Bed-Head - Can You Help?

Relax back, we’ve got this! You'll still have Rock-Chick-Glam-Chic hair when staying at ours - we have power plugs for your Huur-Dryer, a mirror and even make-up lights. Oof! Get in!

Do We Need To Bring Anything Special?

Your Lover, your Mother, your Significant Other. Family, Mates, the Kids, the Boys, the Girls. Smiles, loud laughs, a decent playlist and a toothbrush are always a good start, but come as you are and just be you. SPF20 and a bodyboard are good too. We have lovely soft towels and all the bedding you'll need. There'll be tea, coffee, etc waiting for you, so just bring good food, Gooder Mojitosdecent Gins and daft grins. Wherever you stay on an American School Bus, dress suitably - which for us is Havaianas for 364 days a year and maybe festy-wellies for the remainder. Silly Campfire hats are encouraged.

What Are The Cooking Facilities?

We love food - we don’t eat anything else, so lets not McMess about. You’ll find a proper oven, grill, burners, BBQ, and all the stuff to play at being Gordon, Gino or even Lé Fred. Yum - proper Nosebag!

What's The Story Regarding The Bathroom? Is It A Bit Oo-er?

Each Bus has a really beautiful hot shower. Long Beach has a proper flushing Loo. Texas has lovely separate Loo facilities nearby.

What Are The Check-in & Check-out Times?

You can step inside from 4pm (varies by site) and we’ll throw you out at 10am.

Is The Bus Cool Or Warm?

Oh yeah it's really cool - just look at it! In warm months you can keep the bus from getting too warm inside during the day - the rear door and loads of windows open each side for a cool breeze. In cooler months it's warm as toast - the bus has underfloor heating and is fully-insulated with three bags full of real baa-baa’s wool, and you can even light the eco-log-burning stove to ramp up the cosy stakes when you want the added warmth and ambience of a real fire. And did we mention an Electric Blanket? Cushty…


There are steps up into the School Bus. The upper bunk bed has to be climbed into. If you are concerned about accessibility please get in touch.

Can We Drive The Bus?

Only if you starred in On The Buses, otherwise, it’s a no-no. 

What’s The Story Behind The School Buses?

Our American School Buses were in real Skoolie service up until June 2021. One was the actual bus used by Nirvana as a recording studio to record the Nevermind album in* and another won the 2014 Nascar Race setting a record lap time**

*Not actually true.      **Nor this.

Are Dogs Allowed?

No sorry. Nor Goats, especially gruff ones called Billy.

Is There Stuff Outside?

This is true Bus Glamping! You can enjoy outside seating and lighting, a BBQ, and a fire-pit. Walk further, you may find Beaches, Mountains, Icebergs, the Serengeti, who knows?

Can We Play Music?

If you are Jedward then clearly not. If, however you have a Bangin’ / Chilled / Ridiculously Cool playlist that makes the hairs go up then feel free to play it - all the while being respectful of others and please not outside after 11pm.

Anything Else?

We all like a mellow life, so if you break it or lose it, please tell us. We built our glamping buses with love and care so we’ll thank you to treat them accordingly and please leave them as you found them.

I don't suppose you have an A-Z Guide to Glamping handy do you?

Funny that - yes we do, right here.

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